Personnel Security

According to statistics, 10% of people have disposition to theft and sabotage, and another 10% never steal; the remaining 80% behave themselves depending on the situation existing in the company.

Human factors have the decisive impact on business operations and existence of the company itself in general. 

Personnel security may be defined as the process of potential and real personnel-related risk prevention. 

We describe risks as unperceived threats on the part of personnel (for instance, lack of qualification, negligence, and incidental error), and deliberate actions: e.g., theft, fraud, sabotage, bribery, disclosure of the commercial secrets and other wrongful acts. 

The main function of personnel security consists, in our opinion, in examination of people and understanding of their personal peculiarities. Our task is to detect a “risk group” (the above 10%) and to prevent their employment with the company. As for the remaining 80%, we analyze their strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations related to optimal management of each specific employee.