To serve the Leader in good faith is to protect his/her true interests

Financial Security Agency (FSA)

Since 2012 we have been providing services aimed at prevention of mala-fide management: thefts, deliberate and non-deliberate sabotage in commercial companies and state entities.

Our Mission

We give a company a new lease of life and clarity!

Our values

Intention to serve the leader and to carry on until the result is obtained

Clarity, openness

Strength, it is impossible to move us by pity

Reasonable fact-based approach

Our philosophy

Clarity and transparency

The project will always be brought to completion in compliance with tasks set.

We are against “keeping silence for a good cause”; we stand for honesty and openness.

Fair treatment to the company’s employees.

We never throw out an employee but always assess his/her performance in addition to the quality of

organized business processes within a company.

FSA employees

Our employees are specialists and experts in personnel security, project management, field

investigation and analytical activities. Each employee has many years’ experience in solving

challenging tasks of leading Russian and international companies.

FSA tools

Tailored international financial and personnel security expertise, proprietary scientific research and

development and techniques.

Information resources of the leading global business information providers (give an example).

Cooperation with developers of modern analysis and risk prevention systems (give an example).

Work stages

  1. Identification of theft and sabotage level in a company: Who? Where? How much? How?
  2. Identification of causes for thefts and sabotage, drawing up recommendations
  3. Implementation of project designed to mitigate theft and sabotage risks
  4. Financial Security Functions Support/Outsourcing

Implemented projects