Polygraph examination of personnel

Polygraph examination of personnel

One of the most reliable methods to understand whether a person tells the truth or not.

Psychophysiological polygraph examinations of an employee or a job candidate (lie-detector testing) allow to detect thefts or to reveal the disposition of a person to fraudulent actions. Any company’s employee, including a financially accountable person or a top-manager, may be asked to take a lie-detector test.

A qualified polygraph examiner should not only be an expert in his field but also a competent psychologist. Only in this case the individual approach to each person passing a lie-detector test may be guaranteed. Combination of experience, knowledge and professionalism of a polygraph examiner yields the required result.

Each of our specialists has carried out over 1,000 tests.

The use of polygraph is helpful:

  • for personnel security and scheduled personnel checks;
  • during screening of candidates for vacancies before they are employed;
  • in investigations related to thefts and property damage.

The service includes:

  • preparations to testing: a pre-testing interview with a psychologist;
  • polygraph examination to be carried out by a certified specialist;
  • a report of a polygraph examiner: a questionnaire and an opinion on psychological status of a person.

Your benefits:

  • your tranquility and confidence owing to the receipt of evidence or disproof of suggestions about theft and sabotage;
  • business efficiency improvement;
  • company’s financial risks reduction;
  • actual confirmation of thefts, if there were any.

 Another positive effect is that restructuring in the company starts upon announcement of the proposed testing.

Result delivery form: the report of a polygraph examiner with his/her conclusions.

Time of performance: 1 day

Base cost of one lie-detector test: 5,000 Rubles

Companies that wish to order this service on a regular basis and with respect to several employees (5 employees and more per month) are offered special conditions.