Evaluation of job candidates’ disposition to theft and sabotage

Evaluation of job candidates’ disposition to theft and sabotage

The crucial preventive measure to fight bad faith in a company is the understanding of whether employees have psychological disposition to theft and sabotage.

According to statistics, 10% of people have disposition to theft and sabotage and another 10% never steal. As for the remaining 80%, everything depends on the specific situation and the environment in which people find themselves. It is very important to detect this “negative” 10% and to avoid hiring such employees into your company. Otherwise it may cost you, as a minimum, loss of profit and in certain cases may result in the bankruptcy.

All people have different characters and psychological types. Some people possess strong moral stance and willingness to comply with social norms; others have strongly pronounced fear of punishment, that’s why people of both types will not steal. And there are over-excitable persons inclined to unconscious impulses. In case there is a combination of certain circumstances, such employees may take an undesirable action, which may result in financial losses.

For instance, a person with infantile behavior but having high intelligence level is a very dangerous “acquisition” for a company. Such employee will never assume responsibility for work, he/she will shift responsibility on his/her superior, and in case of a conflict situation he/she will hold a grudge and will seek the revenge. If such person has strong moral attitudes he/she will simply and quietly sabotage his/her work, and in absence of such moral attitudes he/she will start to steal, moreover he/she may use rather sophisticated financial schemes.

The service includes:

  • determination of around fifteen personal characteristics of a job candidate using proprietary combinations of international tests developed by FSA psychologist;
  • expert psychological opinion drawn up on the basis of personal characteristics identified and containing the following information: to what risk group a person belongs; what are his/her serious weaknesses that may trigger a risk situation;
  • preparing a list of factors that may trigger an undesirable action and result in a theft or sabotage.

Service result:

  • a detailed psychological opinion of a specialist, testing results, recommendations and opinion on whether it is feasible to hire a person and what the employment limitations are.

Your benefits:

  • you have the clear understanding whether a certain job candidate has psychological disposition to theft and sabotage;
  • you preserve your money, reputation and company’s goodwill;
  • you decrease risks when employing inefficient and unfaithful employee; on the contrary, from the very start you hire those employees who will work in your team in good faith for the benefit of the company;
  • you save financial and time resources: you receive professional, personality-oriented answer to the question whether a person is inclined to take actions that may inflict damage on a company (you don’t need to order the complete psychodiagnostics of a person and to see into these matters on your own).

This service will be useful for:

  • senior managers and owners who wish to have faithful and manageable team;
  • companies that do not want to have thieves and saboteurs as their employees;
  • companies that are eager to have a transparent, economically viable and successful business;
  • companies that place a high value on security;
  • HR-specialists who use new tools for efficient recruitment process management;
  • HR Recruitment Agencies that wish to improve operational efficiency and to expand a range of services provided to clients.

Time of delivery: 2 business days

Cost per job candidate: 10,000 Rubles

Companies that wish to order this service on a regular basis and with respect to 10 job candidates or more per month are offered special conditions.