Theft and sabotage reduction services

In Russian companies thefts account for from 1.9%  up to 5%  of revenues (data provided by Kroll Advisory Solutions). Employees’ sabotage has even more serious consequences and in certain situations may result in the termination of the company’s business.

In order to reduce the mala fide management level in the company it is necessary to:

understand relevant factors, know mechanisms to control themcarry out organizational measures to build up a factor management systemcarry out preventive work


Factors influencing theft and sabotage

Peculiarities of people

Corporate environment

Control system

Theft and sabotage reduction services

Analysis of degrees and causes for theft and sabotage

It provides answers to questions: Who? Where? How much? How? and Why?

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Theft and sabotage reduction projects

Economic effect from theft counteraction system implementation can be measured.

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Outsourcing business risk management functions

According to statistics, 10% of people have disposition to theft and sabotage

To help to find out whether a person lives beyond his/her income, to study his or her track record in the business community

Fast way to obtain accurate information on a contractor

Fair and complete assessment of de facto level of corporate loyalty of employees

Psychophysiological polygraph examinations of an employee or a job candidate

FSA specialists will carry out due diligence of a target as soon as practicable for you


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