Contractors’ business reputation check

Contractors’ business reputation check

We assist in establishing the reliability of contractors and in selection of the most trustworthy partner for your business.

It is not sufficient in Russia to study the company’s balance sheet in order to determine the reliability of the company. This step does not allow to establish the company’s conduct in the past with respect to its employees and partners. Finding out the true reputation of a contractor helps the company to mitigate risks of unfavorable consequences and to save funds.

We are certain that the success of any business is based on a good faith and reliable partnership. Contractors can influence the reputation of your company as well. If you plan to invest in any market sector you should have a clear and complete idea of reliability of its key players.

This service will be useful for:

  • all who want to be aware of the real reputation of the existing or potential partner and to make a right choice of a partner for cooperation;
  • companies and individuals who are going to enter into the following transactions: merger, acquisition of new business, cooperation contract;
  • companies and individuals who are going to settle disputes in court;
  • foreign companies and investors.