Checking Business Reputation of Employees and Job Candidates

Checking Business Reputation of Employees and Job Candidates

Finding out what reputation a person has in the business environment, the degree of his/her personal and business responsibility, honesty and reliability.  

We help to find out whether a person lives beyond his/her income, to study his or her track record in the business community. Knowledge of a person’s reputation significantly diminishes the risk that unsuitable job candidate will become your employee.

The service includes:

  • checking facts affecting the reputation, existence of criminal cases and other negative or undesirable factors;
  • checking the company’s managers and accountable persons for hidden income;
  • gathering information on participation of key employees and their close relatives in business of other commercial companies as founders or directors, especially in those situations, when such activities may trigger the conflict of interests;
  • gathering analytical data related to such personal characteristics as responsibility, honesty, professionalism, qualification. Check whether a person lives beyond his/her income;
  • fast background report: full name, place of registration, place of work, family status, income + conclusions made following tests passed;
  • standard background report: contains data of fast background report + information on the real estate owned by an individual;
  • reputation profile: investigative data, including interviews with people who knew this person before, current friends, etc., are added to the data collected through analytical procedures.

Service result:

Report or profile with respect to an employee or a job candidate.

Work is carried out by experienced analysts using big data processing systems. 


Standard background report

Extended background  report

Reputation profile

Time of service delivery:

1 day

3 days

7 days


8,000 Rubles.

25,000 Rubles

40,000 Rubles.